Workout of the Day – Monday 28/10/13

Oh no… the WODs up 32mins late… when will it be up tomorrow??? If it all…

***Please remember there are no 12pm sessions or open gym at 4:30pm for at least Mon and Tues. I am endeavouring to get everything sorted asap to get back in the box by Wed. I’ll let you guys know whats doing on Tues nights post. 6am, 5:30 & 6:30pm session will run as normal. Sorry for any inconvenience legends.***

A) Clean first pull

  • 5-5-5-5-5 @ 50% 1RM deadlift.
  • 3sec pause at the top of the knee

B) AMRAP in 8mins

  • 5 power clean to push press (35/25)
  • 5 push-ups

Don’t feel bad if you missed it, over the weekend (3:30am  Sunday Adelaide time) the CrossFit Invitational was held in Germany, Team USA took on Team World.

Team USA comprised Rich Froning, Jason Khalipa, Ben Smith, Lindsey Valenzuela, Val Voboril and Talayna Fortunato—with only the latter finishing out of the top three at this year’s Games. Team World featured Games champ Sam Briggs (U.K.) along with Kara ‘Big Dub’ Webb (Australia), Camille-Leblanc Bazinet (Canada), Chad ‘The Unit’ Mackay (Australia), Albert-Dominic Larouche (Canada) and Frederik Aegidius (Denmark).

Check out the video of Team World getting acquainted and talk about working as a team.