Hilltop CrossFit – WOD


EMOM 6mins

1. 3 bootstrappers + 3/3 rearward lunges + 3 box jumps/step ups

2. 10/10 single arm RKB


10mins on double KB snatch technique


For Whom (Time)


Box Jump Over (60/ 50)

Double KB Snatch (2 x 16kg male / 2 x 12kg female)

Double KB Reverse Lunge
20min time cap

Scaled: step over permitted, 2 x 12/8kg double Russian KB

Masters 47+: step over permitted, 2 x 12/8kg double KB snatch

Athlete will start standing next to their box, once the timer starts they will complete 10 box jump overs, after completing the box jump overs they will perform 10 double KB snatches, after completing the snatches the athlete will hold the KB in a front rack position and perform 10 reverse lunges (stepping back and then returning to standing).

After the lunges the athlete will return to the box and perform 20 box jump overs, then 20 snatches and 20 lunges, the next round will be 30 box jump overs, 30 snatches and 30 lunges, the next round the reps reduce to 20 of each movement and the final round the athlete will compete 10 reps of each movement

This workout has a 20min time cap, add 1sec per rep not completed


Pigeon stretch 2mins/side

Accum. 60 pvc pass throughs