Hilltop CrossFit – WOD


With a partner, EMOM for 12mins

Alt. 50sec row and air bike


10mins progressing your pull up


Conan (AMRAP – Reps)


Max Reps Chest to Bar Pull Ups

*each break you must complete 3 shoulder to OH (50/35)
Scaled: jumping pull up, STOH 30/20kg

Masters 41-46: STOH 40/25kg

Masters 47+: Pull ups, 30/20kg

Athlete will start standing by the pullup bar, once the timer starts they will jump up onto the pullup bar and perform as many chest to pullups as possible – as soon as the set breaks (either by letting go of the pullup bar or feet coming into contact with ground / box etc) the athlete will be required to perform 3 barbell shoulder to overhead, once these reps are completed the athlete may return to the pullup bar and continue adding to their total, if they break the set they will be again required to perform 3 STOH before being able to return to the pullup bar.

This workout has a 5min timecap, only reps completed within this timeframe will count towards the total, shoulder to overhead reps do not count towards the total