Hilltop CrossFit – WOD


4 rounds tabata or 2mins double under practice


3 rounds: 3/3 spiderman crawl, 15sec deadbug hold, 30sec ipsi deadbug, 5 boot strappers, 10 air squats


FitWars Total (AMRAP – Reps)

Every 2mins for 5 rounds

50 Double Unders

20 Wall Balls (9/6)

1 Clean & Jerk
Scaled: 50 single skips, 10 wall balls (6/4)

Masters 41-46: 30 double unders, 15 wall balls

Masters 47+: 30 double unders, 10 wall balls

Athlete may have the barbell loaded to starting weight before the workout commences.

Once the timer starts athletes will have 2min to complete 50 double unders, 20 wall balls and a single clean and jerk, when the timer reaches 2min athletes must commence a new round – regardless of whether they completed all the reps from the previous round.

If an athlete does not complete a successful clean and jerk, they may reattempt the lift as many times as they like as long as its within the 2min window. Athletes are permitted to increase or decrease the weight of the bar throughout the workout. Only whole kg increments are acceptable


Couch strecth 2mins /side

Foam roll quads 3-4mins