Thurs – 24/4/14

REMINDER: **ANZAC Day BBQ Breakfast (After the WOD)**

We are asking everyone to please bring something to share for the ANZAC Day BBQ Breakfast. We’re going to need the essentials (bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, sausages, bananas, zucchini) and anything else you can think of – feel free to get creative, it doesn’t have to be grillable! So if you can bring some of the above to share or a creation of your own it would be amazing! Thank you.

All the ANZAC Day information can be found HERE

EWOD – 12 & 5:30pm

A) Run 1 mile

  • For every minute you are running complete +1 burpee
  • Ie: 1st min = 1 burpee, 2nd min = 2 burpees, etc…

B) AMRAP in 10mins

  • 3 thrusters (60/45)
  • 6 deficit push up (2×20, 1×20 plates)
  • 15 double unders

SKILL – 6:30

  • Kipping progressions
  • Shoulder / thoracic mobility


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