Sat – 31/5

In teams of 3: On a 20min timer

  • 1st 4mins: roll a tyre 400m
  • 2nd 4mins: carry a tyre 200m
  • 3rd 4mins: flip a tyre 100m
  • 4th 4mins: AMRAP of burpee to tyre (only 1 person working)
  • 5th 4mins: Max effort OH tyre hold

And today we would really like to encourage EVERYONE to make a real community effort by getting out and supporting your mates at Hilltop CF who are playing sport this arvo. You have no idea how much these little things lift peoples spirits. Please seriously make an effort to get to one of the following, even it is just for a quick quarter:

  • Ben Woolford: Onkas Vs Ironbank @ 2:30pm, Acklands Hill Rd, Cherry Gardens
  • Dick Kleemann: Kersbrook Vs Nairne @ 12:50pm, Nairne Oval
  • Kaicee Kleemann: Lobethal Vs Lobethal Lutheran @ 3:30pm, Woodside Rec Center
  • Alli Pullen: Mt Barker Vs Woodside @ 1:45pm, Woodside Rec Centre

And lastly, if you’re ever unsure about what “The Girls” workouts are , they are now up on the wall for everyone to get amongst. Poster is courtesy of Sean, LEGEND mate!!! Cheers!!!