Sat – 1/3/14

CrossFit Open Workout 14.1  (9am start)

AMRAP in 10mins:

  • 30 double unders
  • 15 power snatch (34/25)


Hilltop CrossFit Open WOD (8am start)

AMRAP in 10mins:

  • 60 single skips
  • 15 power snatch (25/15)

Remember if you’re doing the scaled version of the workout and would still like to get involved in the Hilltop CrossFit Open you can by throwing your name up on the blackboard and rather than register with Crossfit Open donate the equivalent registration fee ($20) to The Warwick Cancer Foundation. TWCF in the first non-profit organisation in Australia that is focused on supporting young adults aged 18-40 during their cancer treatments as well as supporting their carers.  It is the fastest growing demographic for new cancer diagnoses and there are no other organisations that focus on the needs of young adults past the age of 25.

Bring grillables – the BBQ will be fired up!

The 1st workout for the 2014 CrossFit Open (14.1) is a repeat of the very first Open workout from 2011 – 11.1. The head to head battle between Garret Fisher and Marcus Hendren can be found at The movement standards for the workout are all here