Member of the Month

Dan MOM PicNOVEMBER 2015 – Dan Millar

Dan is what most people would call three things; 1. a beast & 2. an animal. And they would not be wrong! Number 3. the kindest bloke you’d ever meet. Not only does Dan have the work ethic of a bricky in Baghdad in ’91 but you would be extremely hard pressed to find a more supportive and helpful bloke. You’ll often see Dan in the box twice a day and sometimes even 3 times a day, the man just loves health and fitness. So if there is ever a pairs or team workout I’d be looking straight at Dan Millar if I were you, he’ll give his absolute all every time! We are so glad you walked into our box mate. Keep being awesome!

  • What bought you to Crossfit? I came into Hilltop cause I had driven past it a few times and every time I said, I’ll go in next time. Then I did. Loved the vibes, the fact that Russ is ex-military made me feel a bit more at home if you get my drift.
  • What got you hooked on CrossFit? What got me hooked isn’t even really crossfit but really the amazing people you meet and become mates with, getting sweaty and sore becomes the glue that holds a community of special people together.
  • What are your favourite and least favourite CrossFit workouts? I can’t remember what it was but I think it was my first actual class and I threw up so bad… Lol. But there is equal parts of love and hate for all workouts, if I hated it that bad I wouldn’t come back
  • What is your favourite “cheat meal”? Just a big old dirty pizza with an ice cream after…..
  • What is something about yourself that not many at Hilltop would know? Not too sure I’m pretty open. That I’m straight edge so no drinking or drugging.
  • What would you say to anyone who was unsure if Hilltop CrossFit is for them? I would say that unless you try it you will never know, get out and get fit and moving. Look after yourself and the rest will follow… Or something like that. Probably…. Put some weight on the bar !!

Brodie MOM PicOCTOBER 2015 – Brodie Sheidow

Not sure if you remember but last year Brodie had decent accident riding his motor bike, but it’s not a like broken leg or something silly like would keep you away from the gym…. As soon as this young fella could walk he was back in the box, the doctors may not have approved but hey, rules are made to broken right! Brodie is what all young people should aspire to be, honest, hard working, polite, supportive and caring. If people and situations like Brodie’s don’t inspire you to always push the boundaries of what you are capable of, then you’re probably not an actual human….. Keep up the amazing work mate! You are a pleasure to have around the box.

  • What bought you to Crossfit? My best mate Jackson. I had always enjoyed working out and Jackson and I had done some CrossFit workouts together that we had got of the internet and really enjoyed it, so when he joined the box it did not take much to convince me to join.
  • What got you hooked on CrossFit? The enjoyment I got working out and being around some really great people.
  • What are your favourite and least favourite CrossFit workouts? I don’t really know my favourite and least favourite workouts, I just like them all!
  • What is your favourite “cheat meal”? Probably just eating marshmallows or cookies hahah.
  • What is something about yourself that not many at Hilltop would know? I really love UFC and MMA fighting and I train 2 times a week in Strathalbyn doing Mixed Matial Arts.
  • What would you say to anyone who was unsure if Hilltop CrossFit is for them? If I was to tell someone about Crossfit I would say it was one of the best things I have ever done, and to give it a shot because you will not be disappointed.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 6.31.41 PMSEPTEMBER 2015 – Rob Ephgrave

Some of you may not even know Rob Ephgrave! That’s because he is one of the die-hard, back bones of the 6am session. He can’t make any other WOD. No matter whether it is OHS, HSPU practice or heavy squats , he shows up at the box nearly every morning to work because he knows life does not end at 40, it’s only just getting interesting. Congratulations Rob, you give all us young pups the kick up the backside we need! You are a true “community” bloke! Thanks mate.

  • Who brought you to CrossFit? Stuart “Shaggy” Rogers and curiosity. I was looking for a good place to get fit and Stu suggested I give CrossFit a try.
  • What got you hooked on CrossFit? What got me hooked is that it’s a challenge. The variety is great. I love it that we do weight lifting, strength training, gymnastics and endurance; it’s far from boring. Another thing I love, is the coaches work very hard to make sure everyone is doing their exercise technically correct and that’s a great to help prevent injury. Along with their dedication, wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm, makes for a great place to train.
  • What are your favourite and least favourite CrossFit workouts?  Favourite exercise: push ups. Least favourite: wall balls. Honourable mention goes to the air bikes… damn things.
  • What is something about yourself that not many at Hilltop would know?  Not many people know I am a petrol head and I love classic cars.
  • What would you say to anyone who was unsure if Hilltop CrossFit is for them? If you’re unsure and are looking for a place to get fit with great people and positive attitudes, come along and try it. Start at your own pace, listen to the coaches and have fun.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 6.26.54 PMAUGUST 2015 – Chloe Oborn

Chloe’s attitude to training and vibrant spirit are what we should all strive for at Hilltop. The class is never dull with this little pocket rocket around. She never gives up, she will fight for every single rep and always help out the person next to her! She has shown that continued hard work, determination and listening to the coaching pays off when she recently started punching out chest to bar pull ups with no band and getting those damn toes to bar, too! Chloe, it is an absolute pleasure to have you at Hilltop!!!

  • What brought you to Hilltop CrossFit? Coach Kylie and team mate Kaicee brought me over to CrossFit. I love fitness…and often heard them chatting about this ‘thing’ called CrossFit. I never heard of it so was keen to give it a whirl in the off season to build some strength for Netball.
  • What got you hooked on CrossFit? Man oh man…tough question…the whole concept of CrossFit! I love the challenge of a workout, pushing beyond what you think you can do and the satisfaction at the end of a WOD with the feeling of, “I have done something today”. I also love the journey of ‘improvement’. From using multiple bands to do a pull up to finally getting one with no bands, massive win and the whole box gets around you! It’s exciting!
  • What are your favourite and least favourite CrossFit workouts? I don’t mind a pull up now that I can get a couple going together. Running is ok with me also. I don’t mind a clean, snatch or jerk, but my golly gosh…give me wall balls and strict press and I am not a fan!
  • What is your favourite “cheat meal”? All round, I just love chocolate. Yep I know its not even a meal, but if I could have it as a meal, I would.
  • What is something about yourself that not many at Hilltop would know? There is two of me…I am a twin! Not identical (and completely different in every way possible). Spewing , would love to have played a few tricks when we were younger.
  • What would you say to anyone who was unsure if Hilltop CrossFit is for them? Give it a real good whirl. You’ll be hooked by the workouts. The support from other members and the coaches, and the all round vibe! Its no gym with people flexing in front of the mirrors, but a place to increase strength and overall fitness in a wicked environment!

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 6.24.23 PMJULY 2015 – Kylie James

Congratulations Kylie“me drivers!” James! Hilltop changed for the better the second Mama CrossFit walked through our doors. Kylie’s drive, determination and total support for her fellow CrossFitter is second to none. She is the first to help anyone finish a workout, often while she is still gasping for air after crushing the WOD. Kylie is never afraid to speak her mind during a workout, a trait that more people should embrace – honesty. Thanks for making Hilltop your home!

A greeting from Kylie – “Howdy! Pretty sure you know all there is to know about me, not a quiet moment when I’m around, always blabbing on about some garbage”.

  • What brought you to CrossFit?  I joined CrossFit because I’ve always played team sport but was told to stop because I was broken. But I now have my own team, Hilltop, and I’m not broken any more. I’m fitter, stronger and faster than I ever was.
  • What got you hooked on CrossFit?I got addicted to the workouts straight away, they completely exhausted me but the thrill of learning new movements and getting better at them continues to drive me. I’ve learnt a lot from Vic about food and fuelling the body instead of starving myself but still love a pizza on the weekend.
  • What is your favourite and least favourite work out? Any movements that involve squatting make me cringe but I love a few pushups and burpees.
  • What would you say to anyone who was unsure if Hilltop CrossFit is for them? Hilltop CrossFit is for everyone. There is always someone at the box to help you, encourage you or kick your butt but that’s what is so great about it, you never feel like you are on your own.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 6.14.20 PMJUNE 2015 – Andrew Gardner

Andrew Gardner has been doing CrossFit for a little under six months, but you’d never guess! He has improved beyond belief in such a short time. He always listens to the coaches and has an amazing ability to change his movement patterns almost immediately to improve his body position. When a number of people make comment on how much your movement, work capacity and body shape have changed, you know you are doing something right! Congratulations Andrew!

  • What brought you to CrossFit? I’d seen the sign at the old building and got curious as to what CrossFit actually was, and how it was different to other gyms. So I checked out the website, and had soon read everything on there, it all sounded so great! Decided I definitely wanted to give it a go. (It only took me six months to suck it up and enquire though.)
  • What got you hooked on CrossFit? It started off as something to break up the monotony of work and study, and get me active. I really enjoy how mentally engaging it is learning new things that are always so varied and challenging. The sense of fun and good energy that everyone brings to the box, and how encouraging everyone is of one another.
  • What is your favourite and least favourite work out? Might sound a bit weird, but I really liked an AMRAP of wallballs, burpees and box jumps from a while back. I also enjoy the gymnastic side of things a lot, especially learning handstands :D. I kind of dislike overhead squats and snatch movements. I just want to learn as much as I possibly can and give everything a go.
  • What is your favourite cheat meal? It’s a tie between pizza and quesadillas, both with lots of cheese and chillies. With a good beer of course.
  • What is something about yourself that not many at Hilltop would know? I play guitar and tenor saxophone in a jazz/ska band.
  • What would you say to anyone who was unsure if Hilltop CrossFit is for them? Come and give it a try, have a chat to all the awesome people there. It’s such a supportive, fun environment. Everyone is so friendly and you’ll feel so welcomed and looked after.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 6.09.43 PMMAY 2015 – Gordon Coull

Congratulations Gordon Coull!!! Gordon is one of those that sneaks under the radar. He does exactly what he needs to do – trains consistently, works his arse off every time he is here, eats well and is always asking for extra work to improve his gymnastics and Oly lifting. He is not satisfied with his incredible achievements so far and is always looking for that extra “something” to improve even further! Gordon just competed in his first comp last weekend with Court in Hilltop Celts and helped them to an amazing 8th place.

  • What brought you to CrossFit? It was actually Jess who got me into CrossFit. She started at the box before me and wouldn’t stop talking about her workouts. I decided to do my Fundamentals with Vic and, that was it; I was hooked.
  • What got you hooked on CrossFit? All the new movements were very exciting and also in a weird way it was the fact I wasn’t very good at it. I saw and still see CrossFit as a challenge both mentally and physically. The need and want to improve keep me rocking up! The energy in the box and working out with likeminded individuals is awesome and something that is unique to CrossFit.
  • What is your favourite and least favourite work out? I hate wallballs and thrusters. I love running, I’m like some sort of Scottish Forest Gump. I also love all of the Olympic lifts.
  • What is your favourite cheat meal? I love burgers and of course a beer to wash it down with. I also love cheese and will eat it like a madman, so we don’t have any in the house!
  • What would you say to anyone who was unsure if Hilltop CrossFit is for them? Come give it a go, the coaches and fellow crossfitters are awesome. Everything is done in a safe and encouraging environment, it can be daunting and a little unusual but you WILL get results and meet some awesome people along the way!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 6.06.51 PMAPRIL 2015 – Linny Kyritsis

Linny has been a part of the Hilltop family for over a year now, but in the last 3 months she has really stepped up her consistency in training. She runs her own business (Raptcha’u Hair and Beauty) but still makes health and fitness a huge priority in her life. Linny drives from Murray Bridge for every workout and is one of the most supportive, involved members of Hilltop. Her dedication and persistence to her training is second to none and the results are truly showing! Linny is one of the most friendly and fun people to have around. Congratulations Linda Kyritsis!

  • What brought you to Hilltop CrossFit? I watched my sister compete in a Fitwars last year and decided I wanted to give it a go. I asked my sister about it and she recommended Hilltop to me.
  • What got you hooked on CrossFit? The challenge of it; learning new skills, I found it addictive.
  • What are your favourite and least favourite CrossFit workouts? My favourite workouts are body weight exercises; I really dislike rowing!
  • What is your favourite “cheat meal”? My favourite cheat meal is probably a bit boring, but I love Indian food
  • Tell us something about yourself that no one will know. I used to work as a head cook in the local pub and motel!
  • What would you say to anyone who was unsure if Hilltop CrossFit is for them? If someone was unsure if Hilltop CrossFit specifically is for them, I would say, if you’re looking for a super friendly, family feeling box then Hilltop is the one for you. Everyone makes you feel so welcome and is so supportive, with just enough competition thrown in there. Russ is an awesome coach, he really knows his stuff. You want to know your coach has the goods, after all, you are relying on them to nail these moves safely and reach your goals. Russ is all about moving better which I love

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 6.03.12 PMMARCH 2015 – Simon Weekes

Congratulations Simon Weekes! Unlike most of us, Simon doesn’t get to pick and choose which WOD he attends, it is 6am or nothing. He has not made dragging himself out of bed nearly every single session for the past 3 months a chore, but a priority in his life and it shows! His consistency, hard work and more importantly, his positive attitude to training has led to huge improvements in his health, his confidence and his ability and movement. There are few more deserving CrossFitters out there! From all of us at Hilltop, well done mate!!!

  • What brought you to Hilltop CrossFit? I’d been training in CrossFit for 2 years before I started at Hilltop, I just wasn’t able to train consistently around work and family commitments. As soon as I heard there was a box in Mt Barker, it was just a matter of time before I walked in the door.
  • What got you hooked on CrossFit? Just the feeling I get from achieving things I didn’t think I could do. Squatting heavy, throwing big weights above my head, getting upside down, finally getting pull-ups after 2 years of trying. There is always something to work on, something else to achieve and strive toward and that’s what drives me to keep pushing.
  • What are your favourite and least favourite CrossFit workouts? I like short workouts with a barbell. Things like Isabel and Grace or the 13.2 open workout (5 STOH, 10 Deadlifts, 15 Box Jumps, 10min AMRAP) As far as dislikes, if you make me run more than 100m or do more than 10 burpees in a row, there is a special place in hell for you!!!
  • What is your favourite “cheat meal”? Nachos with a ton of cheese, sour cream and guacamole, a couple of ciders and a litre of ice-cream. If I am gonna cheat, I’m gonna hit it hard!
  • Tell us something about yourself that no one will know. I sang professionally when I was in my teens.
  • What would you say to anyone who was unsure if Hilltop CrossFit is for them? Just come in and have a chat to the coaches and meet some members. Meeting these guys will make you feel like you belong. I’ve never walked into a friendlier, more welcoming or supportive box.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 5.57.37 PMFEBUARY 2015 – Scott Samwell

Congratulations to our resident Sproutman – Scott Samwell. His passion for improvement, his thirst for knowledge and his legendary colourful shorts are pretty much unmatched anywhere on earth! The improvements Scott has made through dedication and commitment to training is second to none. There are very few more deserving of this recognition than “The Rig”.

  • What brought you to Hilltop CrossFit? My first contact with Hilltop was seeing the sandwich board on the footpath. I was intrigued, so casually walked past one Saturday morning to see what was going on. Saw a lot of people having fun, doing funny movements, loud music and high energy levels. I contacted Russ a few times via SMS and email and plucked up the courage to come in one week night. I ended up speaking with Vic for 40 minutes or so getting the low down on the whole CrossFit thing. This was pretty inspirational and I signed up for the fundamentals course the next day. I have not looked back and 12 months on loving it more than ever!
  • What got you hooked on CrossFit? The dedication, knowledge, passion and continual encouragement of our coaches! The variety with each WOD. It is great to be able to come in any day of the week and participate in a WOD that was different from the day before. Even though I train as an individual I feel that I am a part of a team. Everyone wants everyone to get through their movements and will support each other in doing this. The impact of doing functional movements at high intensity has made me fitter and stronger and this has made me better in my home life and work life. This has been very beneficial.
  • What are your favourite and least favourite CrossFit workouts? Give me a workout with deadlifts any day of the week. Currently workouts with double-unders and T2B are giving me grief.
  • What is your favourite “cheat meal”? I love a piece of German Apple Cheesecake.
  • Tell us something about yourself that no one will know. I have crossed the Simpson Desert on a dirt bike.
  • What would you say to anyone who was unsure if Hilltop CrossFit is for them? Commit to doing the fundamentals course and one month of WOD’s at least 3-4 times per week. Assess after this time; I think you will be hooked. I believe that you will not look back. It will change your life!

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 2.43.06 PMJANUARY 2015 – Jen Anderson

We would like to announce Jen Anderson as our first Member of the Month for 2015! Jen has been CrossFitting since May 2014 and just WOW! The change in this girl has been simply phenomenal. Her squatting, jumping, pushing strength and all around confidence have blown us away.. Since late 2014, Jen has made a marked improvement in her training and attendance to WODs, and man, does it show. Not only has Jen recently increased her training, she has also started to dial into her nutrition, which in itself can be a mountain to climb. Between juggling uni, work, CrossFit, Ross and life in general, Jen even managed her first ever Rx workout on Wednesday 21/01/2015 with deadlifts and box jumps. This month we celebrate Jen Anderson’s outstanding excellence in the field of CrossFit, for being supportive, committed and generally just freakin’ AWESOME!