What is CrossFit

CrossFit is a general physical preparedness program where the specialty is in not specialising, but rather to gain competence and confidence in an extremely broad range of strength and conditioning modalities. The use of functional movements performed at high intensities has proven results far beyond physical.

The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making CrossFit perfectly suitable for any committed individual or application regardless of age, ability or experience. We use the same exercises for the elderly and for Athletes.  We scale load and intensity; we do not change programs.

In the words of Coach Greg Glassman, “The magic is in the movement, the art is in the programming, the science is in the explanation and the fun is in the community.”

Let Me Tell You About CrossFit

What makes Hilltop CrossFit different to the other gyms in the Adelaide Hills?

Hilltop CrossFit is the only licensed CrossFit provider in the Adelaide Hills.

CrossFit is not like any other gym you’ve experienced, you won’t be handed some generic program card and left to fend for yourself. CrossFit will take your regular gym routine and turn it on its head! You will be continually challenged with constantly varied functional movements. These movements come from gymnastics, Olympic and power lifting, cardio and plyometrics to establish, improve and test your strength, stamina, flexibility, endurance, power, speed, balance, agility, co-ordination and accuracy.

At Hilltop CrossFit you will be personally coached in each and every session and all movements are scalable to your ability, experience and needs. This means at Hilltop CrossFit you will be taught all the necessary skills and progressions to help you achieve the CrossFit notion of true virtuosity by building a solid foundation for all our members on all movements. The bottom line is Hilltop CrossFit believes in lifelong health and fitness no matter your age, your ability or your fitness level.

But all that aside, CrossFit is about the community. You don’t just do CrossFit you become a CrossFitter! You learn together, train together and succeed together. But most of all you have fun! All around the world CrossFit is renowned for the strong friendships that are formed and the amazing community environment where the last person to finish the workout is cheered the loudest and supported all the way to the end.