Personal Training & Specialised Coaching Options

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If you’re looking for more focused 1 on 1 coaching beyond the CrossFit Fundamentals or the main CrossFit group classes, then personal training (PT) provides an excellent training option.

Here are some reasons to choose personal training with Hilltop CrossFit:

Experienced CrossFit Trainers

All of our trainers are CrossFit certified, are experience in coaching others, as well as actively training CrossFit themselves.  Their passion for improved health and fitness will mean you get the most out of every 1 on 1 session.

Goals and Specialised Coaching Options

Here at Hilltop CrossFit we’re here to help you reach your goals.  PT sessions are designed to meet your goals, including specialised coaching options if you are preparing for selection in Police, Fire or the Australian Defence Force or if you’re looking to complete your first Tough Mudder, True Grit or Adventure Race.  Let us help you outline your goals and create a realistic plan for achieving them.

Hilltop CrossFit also offers Strength and Conditioning sessions for sporting groups.  This can be used as a great way to compliment pre-season training or utilise the time when your club has a bye.  We offer 1 hour sessions at 7:30pm Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and from 10:30am on a Saturday.  Cost per session is available on request, contact us for more information.

Group Confidence

Not quite ready the group class experience? Not everyone feels comfortable entering CrossFit group classes straight away.   PT sessions can build your skills, fitness and confidence making the transition into the group class a little easier.

Be Accountable

We live very full and busy lives and sometimes it’s hard to make time for yourself a priority.  Personal training sessions are a way of making your health a priority.  PT sessions help keep you accountable and on track, by booking a session with a trainer it ensures you turn up, train regularly and work hard when you are at the gym.


Our trainers base their sessions on a 45 minute appointment and find they get the best out of their clients with this time 1 on 1. All clients are encouraged to turn up 5-10 minutes early to work on mobility and use the foam rollers, lacrosse balls and bands provided at Hilltop CrossFit before their session.

  • 45min 1 on 1  session – $50
  • 5 x 45min 1 on 1 sesson – $225 (valid for 6 weeks)

*Please note that we require 24hrs notice of cancellations or full session cost will be charged.