CrossFit Fundamentals

It is really easy to get started. No matter your fitness level
or background, all that is absolutely necessary to start training
is an open mind and a positive attitude!

CrossFit Fundamentals Program – $150 (includes five fundamentals sections, one supported class and two weeks FREE membership at the conclusion of the course)

Our CrossFit Fundamentals program runs over 5 sessions and 1 supported class on Monday and Wednesday and Friday at 7:30pm. The Fundamentals program runs every two weeks and is capped at 4 people per session to ensure you get the attention needed. If you’re interested in getting started but can’t make the set times on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, have a chat to us about our 1:1 or 2:1 Fundamentals options.

The 1st session is your free introductory session where we will explain exactly what CrossFit is, take you through a specialised warm up and begin teaching you the skills that emphasis safe and efficient movement and body position, and of course it will include a short but fun Workout Of the Day (WOD). This is the first session of our CrossFit Fundamentals program and it is completely free, there is no contract, no admin or joining fees and there never will be!

After completing your free introductory session, there are 4 more CF Fundamentals sessions. All sessions must be completed before attending any main class or open gym sessions. Once your Fundamentals program is completed you have two weeks free membership to come and experience what CrossFit is really all about!

During the CF Fundamentals course you will be taken through the fundamental movements of CrossFit, basic gymnastic movements, Olympic and weight lifting techniques and some short WODs. Each CF Fundamentals program run is strictly capped at 4 people and is instructed and supervised by coaches to ensure the safest learning environment possible and allow you get the most out of every session. If after the 5 CF Fundamentals sessions you are not quite confident enough to join the main classes, you miss too many sessions or your movement still needs some attention, you may repeat any or all of the CF Fundamentals sessions.

Remember, the first class is free! If you don’t like it, all it cost you is a little of your time and at the very least, you will get a great workout. However, if you don’t try it, you could be missing out on an opportunity that could change your life!

If you’re ready to give CrossFit a go call Victoria on 0428 447 341 or Russ on 0499 710 990 to have a chat about your spot on the next CrossFit Fundamentals course, or you can fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly.