Our Athletes

What CrossFit means to me

Instead of us telling you what CrossFit brings into your life, we asked our athletes at Hilltop what CrossFit means to them and this is what they have to say!

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Dick Kleeman

“A place where I can challenge myself mentally and physically.  I can continue to learn all movements for stretching and strengthening even at a (young) age!  A place where I can enjoy testing my body with the guidance of encouraging and informative teachers, and being able to work with a variety of positive people.”





IMG_2123Claire Wilson-Kelleher

“Getting through a workout and feeling a sense of survival and achievement.  Having fun with your friends in a great environment everyday.  Being able to laugh at your-self and with others.  A sense of personal pride that we are all participating in one of the toughest but BEST sports ever!!”




IMG_2202Alex Robinson & Rachelle Hass

“An activity that brings enjoyment and purpose to our lives.  Everytime we step into the box we being a journey similar to climbing a mountain.  First we are unsure about what lies ahead.  Then we accept the challenge and begin climbing.  We push through the pain and the difficulty all the while dealing with the voice inside that says “STOP”.  When we reach the summit or finish the WOD we are overcome with a sense of joy!  It’s a mix of satisfaction, relief and achievement, it is close to the best feeling in the world!  We believe the CrossFit journey is one that builds positive character traits such as discipline, commitment, grit, humility, self compassion, that apply out of the box.  CrossFit is also a activity that connects us to the people around us.  Through mutual striving, suffering and joy, we believe we build relationships that are deeper and stronger than ‘normal’.  We share similar goals with those around us that push us to become our ‘best selves’.  Futhermore, CrossFit connects us to life itself , within some of the toughest workouts come the clearest clarity…the realisation that we’re alive and what a precious privilege that is.”

IMG_2127Dave Mack

“To me CrossFit is about making your body functionally fit and pushing it to the limits.  It’s not about sitting in front of a mirror and doing bicep curls.  To add to that, it’s more than just a gym, it’s a lifestyle.  Allows us for success and failure to build upon, friendship and competition, and health eating.  CrossFit is an awesome way to spend your time, including that feeling when laying on the floor after a workout”





photo-1Kaicee Kleeman

“A place where I can try my best and be confident that I can’t fail or be judged.  What I am on the inside is what counts at CrossFit!!”







IMG_2135Aidain Wilson-Kelleher

“Spending time with best mates and having a laugh – a family.  Taking your body to limits both mentally and physically and achieving something you thought would not be possible.  The achievement and satisfaction of completing a WOD for yourself and around others.  Knowing that every time I walk into the box I’m not only coming in for a WOD but  creating a better life and lifestyle for myself.”





IMG_3414Andrew Larkins

“Exploring my limits and developing my abilities both mentally and physically.  Helping me protect the community as a firefighter with increased strength and fitness.  Fun with mates I’d never met without CrossFit.  Bringing me closer to my professional goals.  Trying not to laugh at words ‘snatch’ and ‘jerk’! ”