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The Art Of Voodoo 

A Mystical journey…..

Having used it in a mobility session and constantly being asked what I’m doing when applying voodoo bands, I thought it might help to write something up. Voodoo Bands, sometimes known as Thera-bands, can be used for increased muscle recovery, improving mobility, reducing swelling/inflammation from muscular fatigue and assist in activating lazy muscles. Voodoo works in several ways:

  1. As with physiotherapy, applying pressure to a muscle starves it of oxygen and eventually causes it to “switch off” and relax to a more extended, neutral position. Voodoo works in the same way for activating muscles and improving mobility in the area. By applying the band to the muscles that are tight, stiff or achy restricts the blood and like manipulative therapy, causes a reset/relaxation of the muscle. This can produce instantly noticeable increases in flexibility and motion of the area.
  2. Inflammation in general is caused by an increase of blood to a specific sight. In this case I am referring to inflammation caused by muscle use/fatigue or D.O.M.S (delayed onset muscle soreness) and NOT injury such as sprains, strains or tears. White blood cells consume and excrete damaged cells in the body and this process causes the white blood cell to die. “tearing” a muscle from heavy use or DOMS is treated the same way by the white blood cells as what we commonly associated with damage such as foreign bodies, breaks, bruises and tears. When your muscles are sore or feel stiff chances are there is a build-up of dead white blood cells and blood at the site. These dead cells limit the availability of other active cells to be healing you. By constricting and then releasing the muscle with a voodoo band you create a flushing effect of the blood to clean out the dead cells and promote blood flow and active white cells to the area. Think of it like opening the flood gates to flush away the build up of algae on the stagnant water ahead.

How To Use Voodoo:

Quite simply, wrap the band tightly around the muscle you want to work on. Voodoo can be used on arms, legs, shoulders and feet. How tight to use changes person to person. If it’s too tight you won’t be able to move at all and may be quite painful. If it’s too loose you won’t feel the restriction and won’t achieve the desired benefit.

Once you have applied the band, put the area through a range of movements or stretches. For example, once applied to the quadriceps or calf, go through a few air squats, calf and hamstring stretches or lunges. Do this a few times before removing the band and quickly repeated the movements to get blood flowing again. The duration for the band on comes down to comfort, numbness and how tight it was applied. If the area starts going completely numb, cramps or causes any pain, remove immediately.

For any questions hit up the coaches or myself at a mobility session.