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SIX4SIX Weightlifting

We are for everyone, from the average Joe to athletes trying to make the next level.  We are simple every day people with professions outside of the gym. What we love to do most is lift weights, get PB’s, laugh & have fun.

Every now and then we might compete to test ourselves and other times we might just lift for the simple joy of it.

Simply put, if your goal is to go to the Commonwealth or Olympic Games then we can definitely point you in the direction of some great places for top level athletes who will be perfect for your goals. But if lifting is your passion, not your profession, then we’ll look forward to seeing you soon for your complimentary first session with us at SIX4SIX.
Led by Jordie “Biggie” Steffens, Australia’s Strongest Man and 2017 Klokov Power Weekend Champion, SIX4SIX Weightlifting combines the finest equipment, including custom-made weightlifting platforms, Again Faster Klokov competition barbells and plates, with accomplished and knowledgeable coaching to give you the best weightlifting experience possible in the Adelaide Hills. 
Master the movements that will improve your power, speed, coordination, strength, balance, agility and flexibility.