Our Team

Hilltop CrossFits coaches specialise in coaching CrossFit, plain and simple! Coaching CrossFit is very different to Bootcamp or Personal Training so we only have trainers that are dedicated to the CrossFit method of strength and conditioning. They have the necessary skills and experience to effectively coach CrossFit in the group environment.  But most importantly, we believe that CrossFit trainers should lead by example.  Our trainers are seasoned CrossFitters and are expected to “walk the walk”.

Russ Jarvis

Russ (aka Jarvo, Rustin Fletcher) is a co-owner of Hilltop CrossFit and the Head Coach. He discovered CrossFit in 2010 while training in the US with the Australian Army. He started training CrossFit full time soon after that and could not imagine training any other way.  It had simply changed his life forever!

He is inspired on a daily basis by athletes emptying everything in their tank for a WOD; who after sweat, tears and torn hands still have the strength to walk back through that door everyday; by athletes that forgo their own rest to lend their strength to support another CrossFitter get that last rep. He believes CrossFit is not just about physical strength, but mental, emotional and moral strength too.

Russ’ passions also include nutrition, endurance sports, mobility and sports massage, and gymnastics. He is committed to constantly improving himself as a CrossFit Athlete and as a Coach; being a perpetual student in the pursuit of ‘true fitness’ that he believes will not be found anywhere else. Russ lives and breathes CrossFit.  He endeavours to learn something new everyday about all things health and fitness to directly benefit the Athletes of Hilltop CrossFit.

He firmly believes “Champions are made while no-one is looking” – Unknown

Russ’ Qualifications include Certificate III and IV in Fitness, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Endurance Trainer, CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer, CrossFit Mobility,  AWF Club Weightlifting / Sports Coach Level 1, Kettlebell Level I and II, ReHab Essentials Trainer, Senior First Aid

Victoria Jarvis

Finding a sport and a way of training that embraces handstands was an indication that this was a match made in heaven.  Victoria is a co-owner and Head Kids and Teens Coach at Hilltop CrossFit, she started CrossFit in 2011 and has not looked back.  She has a strong interest in gymnastics and strength and conditioning for power based sport athletes with a focus in agility and explosive power.


Being involved in coaching and supporting sports has always been a big part of Victoria’s life.  While studying at University, Victoria worked as a Junior Development Officer at Little Athletics coaching track and field in primary and secondary schools.  In a voluntary role, Victoria has a proud connection to the Adelaide University Sports Association as a previous member of the board and President.  Victoria has also worked for the Confederation of Australian Motor Sports as the Events Coordinator for South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Victoria is inspired by the determination of others, the persistence shown in the human spirit by doing what yesterday we thought was impossible.  But most of all, it is the community that CrossFit creates, the friends that become like family and the positive environment that CrossFitters thrive on!  She lives, trains and coaches on the belief that “You don’t always get what you wish for, you get what you work for” – Unknown

Victoria’s qualifications include CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Mobility, CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer and CrossFit Kids.