Our Box

Located at the heart of the Adelaide Hills at Unit 3, 2a Hampden Rd, Mount Barker, our ‘Box’ is a 100% purpose built CrossFit training facility. We are a CrossFit playground with pull-up bars, Olympic bars, bumper plates, lifting platforms, kettlebells, medicine balls, rings, climbing ropes, rollers, plyo boxes and heaps of other CrossFit toys! The environment is completely different to any commercial gym out there.  We have chalk, we play loud music, we know everyone by name, we sweat, we strain, we laugh and we train hard. We have an awesome social membership base that will make you think you are at a sporting club rather than a gym.  It is simply a great place to part of!

Our Box Policy

But lets get something straight from the get go – we are looking for the right people, people that are positive, motivated, fun to be around and train with.  We have people from all walks of life, all age groups, and all abilities that train side by side. CrossFit is community driven which means that our members and Athletes are the ones that drive it and grow it.  If you are negative, distance yourself, need mirrors, or are fond of putting others down; this is not the gym for you.  We are NOT a commercial gym; we are a privately owned strength and conditioning facility so we do not have to please anyone except the Hilltop CrossFit community.

If you are looking to come and workout before work or heading out we have full shower and bathroom facilities for your convenience.


Hilltop CrossFit is the premier CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting and Strength and Conditioning facility in the Adelaide Hills.

Our brand new facility includes 18m of pull up bars, a specific lifting section with accessory strength equipment, an astroturf sled track, rings, ropes for climbing, Concept II rowers, Assault  Air Bikes and of course all the other CrossFit toys mentioned above.