Hilltop CrossFit – WOD

Welcome to a bit of more relaxed week. Most of you have worked your backsides off since coming back from Xmas and it is now the week leading into the Open. Firstly, if you haven’t registered for the CrossFit Open go to games.crossfit.com and get amongst our biggest CrossFit community event of the year! Secondly, this week is about “less is more”. I don’t want to shatter anyones dreams but you are not going to get any stronger or faster in the next 5 days, BUT you can get more rested, recharged and ready to go (physically and mentally) as we hit the 5 weeks that is The CrossFit Open.
Have an extra rest day, go for a walk, hit our de-load WODs or just do some fluffing around at the box and mobile or shoot some hoops!
The 2016 CrossFit Open starts in 5 days……


(No Measure)

10mins on each

Overhead Squat (OHS)

Turkish Get Up (TGU)


Metcon (No Measure)

For movement

20-15-10-5 muscle snatch (30/20)

8-6-4-2 alt. TGU (16/12)


Same but use 40/30 & 24/16