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WOD – 24/12/14

Hilltop CrossFit – WOD

The box will be open from 5:45am and it is HIGHLY recommended you get in that little bit earlier to get warmed up. The sessions are going to run over time tomorrow but we will do our best to get everyone through but please be understanding and flexible.

Ohh and I nearly forgot, if you decided to “have a rest day” yesterday (and you know what I mean) you’ll be doing your 5km row today instead of the posted WOD! Merry Christmas!!!

12 Days of Christmas (Time)

1) Clean & Jerk (100/70)

2) Muscle Ups

3) Box Jumps (80/70)

4) Hang Snatch (50/35)

5) Bar Facing Burpees

6) Push Press (50/35)

7) Alternating Pistols

8) Toes to Bar

9) Wall Balls (9/6)

10) C2B Pull Ups

11) HSPU

12) Front Sqauts (100/70) (taken from ground)

60min time cap

Metcon (Time)

12 Days of Christmas (alternate)

1) Power Clean (60/40)

2) Box Jumps (70/60)


4) Pull Ups

5) Squats

6) K2E

7) Bar Facing Burpees

8) Abmat Situps

9) KB Swings (24/16)

10) Wall balls (9/6)

11) Deadlifts

12)00m row

WOD – 23/12/14

Hilltop CrossFit – WOD


Max unbroken pull ups, straight into max unbroken push up

**Compare to Fri 5/9/14**

5k Row (Time)

Max Effort 5k Row


WOD – 22/12/14

Hilltop CrossFit – WOD

Back Squat (10mins to find a triple for the day)

Metcon (Weight)

Every 2mins for 5 rounds

35 double unders

5 back squats @ 85% of above
Rest a full 5mins before swings/burpees

Metcon (Time)

4 rounds

15 KB swings (AHAP)

10 burpees

WOD – 20/12/14

Hilltop CrossFit – WOD

Gallagher & Macdonald (Time)



In Parnters

2 rounds for time

Run 200m

16 KB swings (24/16)

16 pull ups

16 front squats (50/30)

Run 200m

14 KB swings

14 pull ups

14 front squats

Run 200m

12 KB swings

12 pull ups

12 front squats

WOD – 19/12/14

Hilltop CrossFit – WOD

Clean and Jerk (2RM)

Metcon (Time)

In partners:

Row 240/180 calories

240/180 burpees

With both partners working at the same time on alternate movements, males must complete 240 cals & reps, females 180.

Males can only complete 12 cals/12 burpees then must swap, females can only complete 9 cals/9 burpees then must swap.

Must wait until partner finishes their 12/9 cals/burpees before you swap.

If male/female team, male will do 12’s, female will do 9’s (total of 210 cals/reps)

WOD – 18/12/14

Hilltop CrossFit – WOD


**12pm and 5pm**

Woodside Barracks, Nairne-Woodside Rd for overwater obstacle course.

Meet at front gate at 11:45 or 4:45 to sign in and get visitor passes.

Enclosed shoes MUST be worn and long pants are recommended for the obstacle course.

This is a very rare (and freakin FUN) opportunity that Doyle has worked hard to organise. Come and get your forearm pump on and maybe get a little wet in the process… Don’t sit on the fence on this one, come and test yourself!



4:30 – 7:30pm – Open gym

5:30pm – Mobility

WOD – 17/12/14

Hilltop CrossFit – WOD

Hilltop CrossFit Warm Up (No Measure)

3 x

Samson Stretch (30sec each side)

10 Banded Box Squats

10 Knees to Chest

10 Good Mornings (PVC or Banded)

5-10 Pull Ups

5-10 Push Ups

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

EMOM for 30mins

Min 1: 5 strict press (70%)

Min 2: 5 empty bar good mornings (finish on toes)

Min 3: 3-5 strict pull ups + 7-10 kipping pull ups

Min 4: 12 Russian KB swings (AHAP) + 8 box jumps (60/50)

Min 5: 12 athletic burpees

Min 6: Max UB double unders (minimum 30, if less go again) (sub 30sec of attempts)

Thurs – 11/12/14

Conditioning 1 – For time

  • Row 2000m

Conditioning 2 – For fun

  • Bring Sally Up (60/40)