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Sat – 1/3/14

CrossFit Open Workout 14.1  (9am start)

AMRAP in 10mins:

  • 30 double unders
  • 15 power snatch (34/25)


Hilltop CrossFit Open WOD (8am start)

AMRAP in 10mins:

  • 60 single skips
  • 15 power snatch (25/15)

Remember if you’re doing the scaled version of the workout and would still like to get involved in the Hilltop CrossFit Open you can by throwing your name up on the blackboard and rather than register with Crossfit Open donate the equivalent registration fee ($20) to The Warwick Cancer Foundation. TWCF in the first non-profit organisation in Australia that is focused on supporting young adults aged 18-40 during their cancer treatments as well as supporting their carers.  It is the fastest growing demographic for new cancer diagnoses and there are no other organisations that focus on the needs of young adults past the age of 25.

Bring grillables – the BBQ will be fired up!

The 1st workout for the 2014 CrossFit Open (14.1) is a repeat of the very first Open workout from 2011 – 11.1. The head to head battle between Garret Fisher and Marcus Hendren can be found at The movement standards for the workout are all here


Fri – 28/2/14

A) 3 x 2min efforts, resting 4mins between

  1. Row 15/12 cals, in remainder ME front squat (35/20)
  2. Row 18/15 cals, in remainder ME wall balls (9/6)
  3. Row 21/18 cals, in reminder ME push press (35/20)
  • Score is total FS, WB and PP

B) Mobility PaRtAy!!!

Chris Spealler and Graham Holmburg battle it out straight after the announcement of 13.4, Ground to Overhead and Toes to Bar.  This workout was quick and heartbreaking at 7minutes – it was a straight out sprint!  No time to rest between reps, no time to stare at the bar and no time for failed attempts!  It was awesome!

For the last announcement of the 2013 CrossFit Open Rich Froning, Jason Khalipa, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and Sam Briggs produced an epic stadium worthy performance of the never ending Fran with Chest to Bar Pull Ups.  There faces when they learn the workout is priceless!

Thurs – 27/2/14


  • Run 1600m – rest 3mins
  • Run 1200m – rest 2mins
  • Run 800m – rest 1min
  • Run 400m
  • The aim here is consistency under fatigue. Note your 1600m time, your 1200m should be 3/4 of that (+/- 5sec), 800m should be half and 400m should be 1/4 of your 1600m time.
    • Rest as needed after 400m
  • Max cals on Lucy (reverse 1/2 tabata – 10:20)

Announcement of the 13.3 workout, this was a repeat of the previous years 12.4.  An epic head to head competition between Kristen Clever and Talayna Fortunato who battled it out for 3rd place in the 2012 CrossFit Games when it came down to one workout. Watch the grudge match!

Wed – 26/2/14

A) Snatch

  • 10mins to find a heavy triple (not T&G, but no longer than 30sec for all 3 lifts)

B) EMOM for 8mins

  • 25sec power snatch @ 60% of A

C) Tabata (12 rounds total)

    • Dumbbell step overs (20/10 db)
    • Box jumps
    • Shuttle

Announcement of the 13.2 workout of a 10min AMRAP of shoulder to overheads, deadlifts and box jumps – Annie T and Lindsey Valenzuela go head to head.

Tues – 25/2/14

5 rounds for time:

  • 20m burpee broad jumps
  • 20 KB swings (24/16)
  • 20m OH walking lunge (20/15)

Open Workout 13.1 Announcement: The first workout of the 2013 Open saw Dan Bailey and Scott Panchik go head to head with burpees and snatches.  It was a brutal workout!

Mon – 24/2/14

A) Power clean to push jerk

  • 10 mins to find a “touch and go” triple
  • Focus on going from PC straight into PJ without any pause

B) EMOM for 8

  • 5 power clean to push jerk @ 75% of A

C) AMRAP in 5mins: Ascending ladder (2+2, 4+4, 6+6, etc…)

  • Hang power clean
  • Hand release push up

Rest 2mins

D) AMRAP in 3mins: Ascending ladder (2+2, 4+4, 6+6, etc…)

    • T2B
    • Pull up


  • Should you register?  If you rx most WODs and are comfortable with high reps of moderately heavy weights than yes you should! Here are some reasons why you should register for the CrossFit Open
    • 1. Accountability Acountability is always one the biggest reasons why things do or do not work.  If you’ve given some thought to the entire structure of a CrossFit box, it’s one of the key things that’s built into almost every aspect.  From the philosophy, to the structure of the workouts.  From the community we build, to the way each class is run.  It’s all setup to promote accountability. Signing up for the Open is another step towards accountability.  It makes you mentally and physically step up to the challenge, not unlike signing up for a competition.  Taking this step and committing yourself will raise your commitment to your fitness, and will only bring about positive changes!
    • 2. Training vs. Working Out   There’s a huge difference between training for something and working out.  If you’re out on the beach running every Sunday cause you just want to get a run in, that’s great.  But if you’re training for a 1/2 marathon, then all of a sudden things get real. The point is it becomes something you’ve set your mind to. There’s a goal at the end of the day, not just to get into the box to workout.  This will force you to start looking at things from a different angle, and again, it will only have great benefits to you in the long run
    • 3. Camaraderie  Just like every single workout we do, there’s something magical about going through something sucky alongside other people (and living to talk about it).  It’s bonding.  For some sick reason, us humans love this stuff.  There’s always a funny story and a laugh shared about even our most bleak times.We will be doing the Open workouts at the box.  That’s a fact.   Joining in with everyone else will allow you to participate in the fun of the Open with everyone.   The energy at the box during the Open will be almost 100% focused on the Open, so play along with everyone else!
    • 4. Baseline Tests  It’s not uncommon for us to use the previous Open workout to test our baseline fitness gains.  It’s pretty easy to redo an Open workout and compare it with what you did in previous attempts.  The people programming the Open aren’t dumb.  What they come up with are generally very creative/hard/mind-screwing/humbling/etc workouts.  They’re the kind that would make for a good test/retest situation.
    • 5. Cause it’s FUN  Saved the best for last.  The whole experience of the Games is FUN.  The Open, Regionals, and the Games themselves.  It’s all so much fun.  Let yourself get engrossed in the experience.  It is the CrossFit Season! It truly is CrossFit Christmas!  After all, like we  say – this gym is your time to escape from every day junk.  It’s all meant to be fun at the start or end of the day, while giving you something positive to do and yielding you some results that can help you in many walks of your life.

The whole experience is awesome, and it’s worthwhile to let yourself get into it.  Even if you have no delusions of making it past the Open.  Over 130,000 people competed in the Open in 2013 an only 43 people from each region compete at the Regionals.  It really is your opportunity to play in the Sport of Fitness!

  • Have you registered?  It’s easy to do, top right hand corner! Make sure you select Hilltop CrossFit as your Affiliate and your Team.
  • Not registering but still want to do the WODs each week?  That’s easy, we’ll be running our own in-house competition with a scaled option available for the WODs.  If you want to do the WODs as RX then make sure you register!

Sat – 29/2/14

CrossFit Open Workout 14.1

Sat – 22/2/14

With a Partner, complete AMRAP in 25 minutes.

    • 5 PC (65/42.5)
    • 10 T2B
    • 20 box jumps (60/50)

Heading into the CrossFit Open – remember, friends don’t let friends bro-rep!