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Workout of the Day – Fri 1/11/13

A) 4 Rounds of:

  • 2 front squats every 20 sec for 1 min (no racking the bar for the entire minute)
  • 2 mins rest between rounds

B) 21-15-9

  • Wall balls (9/6)
  • Toes to bar

Thanks to GT for making this beautiful sweat angel last week!

HCF logo - on matting

Workout of the Day – Thurs 31/10/13


You’re going to have a whole hour to get acquainted with the rollers, lacrosse balls, bands, voodoo bands, partner mobility and all things good for your body in preparation for a huge Australian Hero Games week!

Have a think about the body parts you want to hit and what might be feeling a little tight.

Eat your mobility vegetables!

(there may be a cheeky running WOD up on the board tomorrow a few of us are going to get around, feel free to have a crack ~ Russ)

Workout of the Day – Wed 30/10/13

A) 12 Rounds (with walk back for recovery)

  • 3 box jump overs in a row
  • 15m all out sprint

B) 3 x Max Effort Body Weight Front Squat hold

Usain Bolt explains, practically second by second, his process for the 100m sprint. Bolt holds the world record for the 100m at 9.58 seconds. At his top speed, researchers measured his speed at 44.24 kilometres per hour. That’s insane!!!! While his supreme (and deserved) confidence comes through before long, Bolt first calls himself a “poor starter,” who needs a good reaction off the starting gun to help him be in good position after the first few steps.

“60 meters, that’s when I become a beast, really.”

“Last 10 meters…you’re not going to catch me. Doesn’t matter who you are, what you are doing, who you think you are.”

The moral of this story is that Usain Bolt is awesome.

Workout of the Day – Tues 29/10/13


Hilltop CrossFit are a registered affiliate of the Australian Hero Games and we have decided to do this to support the Commando Welfare Trust.  Entry fees from this online competition go directly to this charity and there are age group competitions, scaled options, and gives you a chance to compare your results with CrossFitters all over Australia.

So get yourself a partner, and/or register for the individual WODS, have some fun and raise some money for a very worthy charity at the same time!

We’ve put all the information for you here! AUSTRALIAN HERO GAMES)

These WODs will be running at the box on the following days.

  • Saturday 2 November – “WOOD”
  • Wednesday 6 November – “BAIRD”
  • Saturday 9 November – “MCDONALD & GALAGHER”

To get us started, Tuesday’s WOD is Partner “DT”

10 Rounds for time (alternating each round)

  • 12 deadlifts (42.5/30)
  • 9 hang power cleans
  • 6 shoulder to overhead

Workout of the Day – Monday 28/10/13

Oh no… the WODs up 32mins late… when will it be up tomorrow??? If it all…

***Please remember there are no 12pm sessions or open gym at 4:30pm for at least Mon and Tues. I am endeavouring to get everything sorted asap to get back in the box by Wed. I’ll let you guys know whats doing on Tues nights post. 6am, 5:30 & 6:30pm session will run as normal. Sorry for any inconvenience legends.***

A) Clean first pull

  • 5-5-5-5-5 @ 50% 1RM deadlift.
  • 3sec pause at the top of the knee

B) AMRAP in 8mins

  • 5 power clean to push press (35/25)
  • 5 push-ups

Don’t feel bad if you missed it, over the weekend (3:30am  Sunday Adelaide time) the CrossFit Invitational was held in Germany, Team USA took on Team World.

Team USA comprised Rich Froning, Jason Khalipa, Ben Smith, Lindsey Valenzuela, Val Voboril and Talayna Fortunato—with only the latter finishing out of the top three at this year’s Games. Team World featured Games champ Sam Briggs (U.K.) along with Kara ‘Big Dub’ Webb (Australia), Camille-Leblanc Bazinet (Canada), Chad ‘The Unit’ Mackay (Australia), Albert-Dominic Larouche (Canada) and Frederik Aegidius (Denmark).

Check out the video of Team World getting acquainted and talk about working as a team.

Work O’ the Day – Sat 26/10/13

***We have had our 4th Fundamentals course finish tonight so to welcome them to the box we shall cook meat, drink coffee and be supple… or merry… or both… you choose! Bring your grillables and chill out with some good company and good food***

“CrossFit Total”

  • 1RM back squat
  • 1RM strict press
  • 1RM deadlift

You have a maximum of 3 attempts at each lift. Your 1st attempt should be a guarantee to get on the board. Your 2nd lift should be challenging but with a strong chance of making it. Your 3rd attempt is “go for gold”. Think about your opening attempt for each of the 3 lifts, and turn up to the box with a rough warm-up plan to hit those numbers. You will have 5-6 warm-up sets before your 1st attempt at the back squat, 2-3 warm-up sets for the press and 3-4 warm-up sets for the deadlift. Managing your time in this workout is important! You have 20mins ONLY for back squat, 10mins ONLY for the press and 15mins ONLY for the deadlift.

Lets hit this as hard as we can and get the PRs raining down ahead of a lighter week next week.

It’s the much awaited finale of Guy On A Buffalo, we know you’ve been hanging out all week for this!

Workout of the Day – Fri 25/10/13

A) In partners complete:

  • 30 burpee jump over partner
  • 50 push press (30/25)
  • 70 front squat
  • 90 power cleans

**Work is done at one end of the box, your partner is at the other, partner must do 3 burpees before he/she can be tagged-in**

B) In partners – 4min AMRAP

  • Double-unders (min 15 reps each)

If anyone watches this all the way through, I will eat my t-shirt…. it’s impossible!! But please do notice how every one of these weirdo’s has their elbows in by their sides, body nice and tall/long and the only thing that is moving is their wrists.


Workout of the Day – Thurs 24/10/13


OK guys, the time has come to start rounding everyone up to get behind a great cause, honour some of our fallen diggers and get your sweat on for 3 amazing WODs! For those that don’t know, Hilltop CrossFit is an official host for the Australian Hero Games and over Sat 2 Nov, Wed 6 Nov & Sat 9 Nov we will be conducting the 3 officially recognised Australian Hero WODs in Wood, Gallagher & McDonald and Baird. These will be the WODs run on those days in the box.

So jump on the AHG website, get registered, find a partner for the Gallagher & McDonald WOD and help support the The Commando Welfare Trust.

They fight, they protect, we Hero WOD for charity.

EWOD (6am, 12pm)

  • Buy-in: Move a 20/15kg weight plate 400m
  • Then, 5 rounds for time:
    • 5 deadlift (100/60)
    • 10 chest to bar pull-ups
    • 15 sit-ups
    • 20 push-ups
    • 25 squats
  • Cash-out: 50 burpees (3 box jump over at the start of every minute – no touching box, jump completely over)

Skill (5:30pm only)

  • Snatch mobility
  • Power snatch to overhead squat